Adam Bernon





“As a Fitness Coach and Personal Training Studio owner, I believe that healthy living is paramount for longevity and enjoyment in life. My approach to fitness coaching is based on the belief that one’s health program should be “full circle.” With this 360 degree method, I am able to implement all facets of exercise.

Drawing from fundamentals of yoga to increase flexibility, free-weights for explosion and power, cardio for endurance and stamina, and so on. This allows me and my clients to reach our optimal potentials by not ignoring a single facet of the training process. Regular exercise however, is not the only key to a happy, healthy, and long life. Diet completes our full spectrum approach to health and wellness.

It is extremely important to understand that with regular exercise it is crucial to make sure your body receives the nutrition it needs including vitamins, minerals, and proteins to replenish your muscles while supporting healthy bone density. Many people I have worked with have found this very difficult, especially when living in a society where all-natural whole foods are expensive and difficult to prepare. This has recently all changed when my clients and I found PROFI Pro!

PROFI Pro is an all-natural, COMPLETELY VEGAN, GMO FREE, GLUTEN FREE, ALLERGEN FREE and KOSHER product line. These products have allowed my clients and I to get the protein we need through protein shakes when in a rush, to preparing full meals with PROFI Pro! Being able to rely on a brand made from only all-natural food products has turned healthy eating, which was once very stressful and complicated into a simple and easy process. Best of all, it actually tastes great and is a truly complete source of protein and fiber!”

Fitness Credentials:

  • Founder and CEO: Core Fitness Training Center
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine- Certified Personal Trainer
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine- Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine- Group Personal Training Specialist
  • Traditional Thai Massage Licensed Practitioner- Level II

“He’s also a stunningly gifted 29-year-old man with the physicality and strength of a mixed martial arts champion blended with the skills of an acrobatic Cirque Du Soleil artist and the appearance of the most shredded, perfectly portioned fitness model. He also performs feats of strength that defy what’s typically seen in any gym or yoga studio.” – June Scharf of the Beachwood Buzz


“Bernon is a certified trainer who nine months ago, opened his own 2,200-square-foot private gym, called Core Fitness Training Center, located in Warrensville Heights, where he works with more than 30 clients.” – June Scharf of the Beachwood Buzz