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Amber Allen - The Fairly Local Vegan

Amber is The Fairly Local Vegan, one of YouTube’s most watched vegan entertainers. Providing offbeat inspirational content for all ages, Amber passionately discusses plant based living, eco-minimalism, zero-waste, motherhood and many other topics. With a well-rounded background in education and film production, Amber devotes most of her time to educating the masses about sustainability, saving animals, and unschooling her two vegan children, who are regulars in her content. Through Amber’s genuine and uncontrived film work, photography, and blogging she hopes to inspire other families to live simply, slowly and compassionate truely with all beings.


“We love PROFI because it’s a very easy way for me to get in my protein as an on the go busy mom! I also feel reassured that my children are meeting their protein requirements when I give them a morning pre-hike shake. I love that there is no chalky aftertaste and no weird fillers. And of course, I’m thrilled that they are both 100% vegan and gluten free with no GMOs to worry about!”




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