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My name if Annika and I am a passionate vegan of three and a half (almost 4) years. I have always been a strong advocate for health and fitness and have joined Profi team to do just that! I firmly believe that a healthy body directly correlates to a healthy mind and that stems from what you put into your temple, the people you surround yourself with, the mindset you approach your everyday life with and many other external factors. Seeing a community of people thrive is one of the things that brings me the most joy in life and I am so happy to be on board with Profi for this reason. Here’s to good health and Better protein!

“The great thing about Profi that sets it apart from other brands is the fact that it is a clean and complete vegan protein without neglecting flavour and consistency! I am a total protein lover of protein powder everything but they often upset my stomach. Profi, on the other hand, doesn’t. Profi (I love Cookies & Cream) is great in pancakes, muffins, oats and I even use it to make my own protein pudding. It’s just that dang good!”





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