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At PROFI Pro Inc. our team is always working hard to come up with new, delicious and healthy products to fit your needs. It is our goal to create products that not only taste great, but that give you the protein boost that you’re looking for. All products that are produced by PROFI Pro Inc. must be 100% vegan (ie. Plant-based), they must be allergen & GMO free & most importantly, they need to be a complete protein! By having a great base product (our PROFI Pro™ Protein Booster [Original]), it makes the job of creating new products a lot easier!

Our research and development team have been very busy working on three new products to add to our line of instant drink mixes. The first product is a direct extension of our chocolate drink mix, but with a new twist! This product, which is yet to have an ‘official’ title, is the same as our current product with only one difference: the sweetener. Our current chocolate drink mix is sweetened with sucralose – an artificial sweetener, the new product will get its sweetness from monk fruit & stevia – natural sweeteners. Our next two flavours are sure to be your new favourites! The first, PROFI Pro™ Vanilla Chai is the perfect choice for all the tea lovers out there! With a combination of delicious chai tea flavour and sweet vanilla bean, this drink is sure to be a hit. The second flavour, PROFI Pro™ Vanilla Cappuccino will bring back great memories of enjoying a hot (or iced) cappuccino, all while enjoying the benefits that PROFI Pro™ products provide!

Aside from all of the excitement surrounding our upcoming drink flavours, we are also pleased to announce that PROFI Pro™ has developed two delicious protein bars! PROFI Pro™ protein bars provide all of the benefits that are found in the Protein Booster (Original) & instant drink mixes, but in bar form! These bars will make it easy to take your meal on the go, wherever you are! As of now, we currently have two different kinds of bars. The first, is a chocolate coated protein bar that not only provides you with 20g of protein (per bar) but is also delicious! The second bar is similar to the first, but with an added bonus: fruit filling! This bar is not only coated in chocolate and provides you with 20g of protein, but it has a sweet cherry filling that makes this bar our most decadent product yet!

It is exciting times at PROFI Pro™! Check back with us to find out when these delicious new products will be available for you!

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