Helmand Alekozai



Helmand is an undefeated Professional Boxer with 7 wins and no losses. He won the Czech Welterweight Title in 2016 and is looking to win the Canadian Professional Boxing Title later this year. He plans on being a World Champion. It used to be a dream of his, through hard-work and experience, it is now a realistic goal for him. There is no doubt in his mind that he will be a World Champion! He is proud to put Canada on the map!

“I love Profi because the protein is not only plant-based, but it tastes amazing! In the past, I tried other plant based proteins and could not stand them, it felt like I was eating dirt! I also love the fact that when I have a Profi protein shake, I don’t feel bloated and I can jump right into a hard training session. When I used to have whey protein products, I’d have to wait at least an hour before I could jump back into my hard boxing training. I’m happy that Profi is a Canadian based company in the GTA and I am excited to excel in the sport of boxing along side a great local brand like Profi!”





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