Katelynn Nicholas


Kate is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist who specializes in a mindful eating approach with all of her clients. She specializes in fat loss, increase muscle mass as well as working with competitive athletes. As her own dietary concerns began, Kate chose to modify her diet to include more plant based options to help with her digestion as well as helping her body from the inside. Kate focuses on helping others achieve their goals whether it is to slim down, gain muscle, improve their overall endurance, or just bettering their health in order to live a longer, healthier and more energetic lifestyle.

“Profi protein is honestly one of the most amazing protein powders I have ever tasted. This protein powder mixes so well, making it easy to drink not to mention delicious in yummy snacks or several other recipes. Profi is simple to digest not to mention high in iron as well in protein, and completely aligns with all of my dietary intakes required for my goals.”



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