Mariah Holly


Mariah is a certified personal trainer & published fitness model who’s been seen in Canada’s number one fitness magazine, Inside Fitness, on a few different occasions. Her love for fitness started about 5 years ago & has blossomed ever since. Her passion for weight training has led her to the stage, where she competed in her first fitness bikini show 2 years ago.
Mariah is currently personal training at a local gym, Owen Sound Fitness, and helping others reach their fitness goals. Being a mother of 2, she is very passionate about making healthy nutritional choices for her and her family & couldn’t be more excited to be representing PROFI. Protein supplements are something she takes everyday, putting it in smoothies, baking, or just drinking it after an intense workout for optimal recovery, so having a plant-based protein with amazing ingredients is definitely important to her. Not to mention, feeling confident with giving this product to her children as well. Mariah’s fitness journey will not be slowing down anytime soon as she is currently working on her own website so that she can help people from all over the world live & maintain a healthy lifestyle!


“When I tried PROFI for the first time,  I instantly fell in love with the delicious, rich chocolaty flavour and was very excited to find a healthy protein that actually had an amazing taste when only mixed with water!”


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