Melissa Singh

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Mel is a Culinary Nutritionist and Meditation Teacher who makes insanely delicious plant based food, with a mindful touch.

When her rugby career came to an end after too many head injuries, she found respite in meditation and eventually, in yoga. As her yoga practice deepened, her plant-based journey began. She felt called to stop eating animal products to truly live her yoga off the mat and practice the yogic principle of Ahimsa, or “non-violence.” She made the decision to approach food as an act of love and respect toward her body and the planet, and never looked back.

Mel coaches people on how to adopt a whole foods plant based diet and writes about mindfulness, plant powered nutrition, and shares recipes on her blog melissasingh.com


“Profi protein is seriously amazing. I not only use it in my protein shakes, but in ice cream, pancakes, muffins, oatmeal and more!! I not only love the flavours (I’m a sucker for vanilla), but the ingredients are simple. As a culinary nutritionist, I am passionate about making real food that tastes great, and Profi completely aligns with what I’m all about!”



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