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After loosing a big amount of weight following my transition to a whole food plant based diet, I knew I needed to transition from my extremely sedentary lifestyle (which had brought a series of health concerns) to an active lifestyle. I joined a CrossFit gym and started Olympic lifting. I was dead lifting 200lbs on my small frame and I was still hearing “you’d lift more if you ate meat”. I’m not one to speak up very often. So instead of arguing against the Paleo fans, I decided to just SHOW THEM. I discovered bodybuilding and won local, regional and provincial shows. I qualified for Nationals and I have been a vegan competitive national athlete for over 2 years. Bodybuilding takes time and I will continue to step on stage because I know it proves something. I never trained before veganism. So all my muscles are therefore built 100% on plant. My journey is one of compassion for animals but also for humans. I want to gently move them towards taking better care of themselves, the animals we share the world with and the earth.

“As a vegan natural fitness competitor, my nutritional intake is extremely precise for muscle building and then for leaning down. Profi not only tastes amazing but it has the perfect nutrient ratio for my goals.”



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