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Hi, I’m Nick! I’m a filmmaker & photographer by trade with a huge love for fitness. In 2015, after watching the documentaries “Forks Over Knives”, “Cowspiracy”, and “Earthlings” my girlfriend and I switched to a vegan diet virtually overnight. I was the kind of guy who ate nothing but egg sandwiches for breakfast, a chicken breast for lunch, and 2 steaks for dinner (almost no veggies), so I figured the transition to veganism would be hell. However, after being vegan for a few weeks I realized that I was finally aligning my actions with my morals, which turned out to be the easiest thing I have ever done.

Not only did I begin to feel more alert and awake, both physically and mentally, but I had more energy than ever before. The fruits and vegetables that I used to hate began to taste amazing to me. In no time I was having fun in the kitchen cooking creative plant-based creations that are 10X more delicious than the Standard North American diet. SO delicious that I admittedly gained a few extra pounds from all the vegan junk food (oops!).

I often chat with non-vegan athletes and I share with them that anyone can thrive on a vegan diet. But, instead of just talking the talk, I wanted to walk the walk. So, in October of 2017 I began intensive weight-training at the gym. I want to inspire others that you can gain muscle, slim down or achieve any of the results you’re aiming for as a vegan.


“I want to break the myth that vegans lack protein and are vitamin deficient, and it’s especially easy after I found Profi Vegan Protein powders. I soon realized that they are not just for shakes, you can also cook so many amazing dishes with them, (especially their flavorless product)! I simply want to encourage others and show them that there is absolutely NO necessity to take the life of an innocent being.”


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