Some goals are universal and great for self-improvement and general health that are perfect and beneficial to all. Here is a simple list of 5 small goals perfect for anyone to work on in 2021:

1. Stay Hydrated.

This goal is always an important one because water sustains us. Water helps with normal brain functions, muscles, digestion, every body function requires good hydration. Keep track of your current water intake and work towards increasing it. Keep a water bottle or thermos with you at all time, this helps as a reminder and allows you to reach for water easily, no extra effort.

2. Be Mindful of What You Fuel Your Body With.

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.”, and in many ways that is true. You don’t have to watch everything you eat, but rather be mindful, start thinking about what you put in your body. What are your fuelling your body with that it needs to use as nutrition for replenishing your body and for body repairs? When you start being mindful, you will start to know how your body feels and what it is telling you. ALWAYS listen to your body. Your body knows what is best for you.

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3. Focus on Gratitude.

Focusing on what we have and where we are is so important in being in a state of happiness. Being grateful for where we are allows us to not focus on comparing ourselves to others on where we think they are in life. Before bed or in the early mornings, take a moment to appreciate life and all it has to offer, even when the day doesn’t seem so bright. Say thanks.

4. Learn How To Manage Time.

Time management isn’t just important in your professional life but also in work-life balance. Time management allows you to make time for the things that you find most important, gives you more time to spend with loved ones, work on a passion project, etc. Managing time is handled differently for everyone, find your method and stick to it and see what you can accomplish! Some people manage time with strict schedules, phone alarms, written agendas, etc. You may decide to make time first for your passion project or to get the chores out of the way. You may find some methods just simply don’t work for you, but that is okay. Take your time and manage your time, your way.

5. Learn Something New.

A great goal in 2021 is to expand your knowledge, find a new passion or to simple learn something new for fun! Do the thing you always wanted to try that you have pushed on the back burner or maybe even totally forgot about. 2021 is the year to do something for yourself because why not! Find your spark and find that excitement that makes you all giddy and ready to jump out of bed each morning. Something about learning something new always makes you feel refreshed and with a clear mind. Just go try!