I don’t know about you .. but I cannot stand being late. Whether it is 5 minutes or an hour, if I’m late my body instantly goes into panic mode! (I blame this on my mother, she’s the same way) University was the worst for me when it came to being late because I never wanted to be that person that walked into a lecture that already started & had everyone stare at them, so of course .. I would show up an hour before the class started. Now obviously this isn’t possible to do in all situations, so over the years I have developed habits that avoid me ever having to waste time. Check out a few of my tips, as well as 5 helpful tips (which kind of overlap with some of mine) that can help you avoid being late & stressed out.

Pack your lunch for the next day the night before.
By packing it the night before, you end up having more time to get ready (or sleep) because you can just grab it & go!

Pick out your outfit for the next day the night before.
This is my favourite tip because when I wake up in the morning, I don’t like having to go through all of my clothes to try & find the perfect look. By putting it out the night before I can just grab my clothes, get dressed & go!

If you can, prepare your breakfast the night before!
Now if you have eggs every morning, this is obviously not going to work. But if you’re like me & have a smoothie or PROFI Pro Chocolate every morning then this is ideal because again, you can just grab it & go!

Plan things out before they need to happen.
I pride myself on being extremely organized! This being said, if I know that I have a deadline coming up or that I need to have something done .. I take time out of my day to start planning on how I will attack whatever needs to be done. By doing this, it allows me to think of what I actually need to do & the best way to do it!

That’s it for my tips! Check out the below article that gives you another 5 tips for avoiding being late & stressed out!


What are your best tips to avoid being late? Let us know in the comments, I’m always looking for new ways to save time!