2021 is upon us! A new year to feel refreshed and ready to reevaluate your past goals. 2021 isn’t about starting over, but about improving yourself and the consistency of doing so!  Have you decided on your fitness goals this year? If not, let us do it together!

Here are 5 tips to help you create/reevaluate and achieve your fitness goals:

1. Think big then break it down.

Think about what you would like to achieve a year from now. This doesn’t have to be weight loss or weight gain, it can be dedication time, consistency, how you look at yourself, etc. How do you want to feel? How much time will you contribute towards self-development?

After you answer those questions, we can break them down by monthly/quarterly to make sure these are attainable and you are accountable. Break that goal into smaller goals. Goals that are motivating and achievable. It becomes daunting and intimidating if goals are not thought through towards the end outcome. Once the goals are broken down into main goals and smaller goals, you can now assign daily or weekly tasks! Like every week, make sure that 4 days out of 7, you drink enough water and increase that every month until it becomes a habit to reach for a glass of water and hydrate enough.

2. If it’s something new, start small, and then increase.

In 2021, you may have decided to embark on a journey unexplored by you earlier. This could be adding more exercises into your daily routine. Goals should be sustainable, doable, and capable of motivating you. Achieving these goals is more about consistency with smaller victories over a period of time. Set goals that could be easier to achieve in the initial few weeks or months of the new year. This will help you get in the groove of achieving smaller tasks and set a rhythm to your routine. This will help your body adjust to this routine and help commit time. Gradually increase the tempo and intensity of the goal achievement.  It is easier to integrate something into a routine when it doesn’t feel forced. You will see progress when you actually enjoy the process!

3. Rewards.

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded?! Rewards are a great motivation to keep your spirits high and drive you further. In March or even before, we often find ourselves losing momentum or has given up on our goals, but NOT IN 2021! Reward yourself based on the quality of the targets achieved. Reward yourself when you have completed a smaller goal. For example, if your main goal is to be able to run a marathon by end of 2021. Reward yourself when you hit a new milestone in km.

A reward should not be counteractive, meaning it shouldn’t be a cheat day or an excuse for you to step-back. It should be something you look forward to that may help you advance your goals, maybe a nice dinner you have been craving for, or a new fitness tracker which you will eventually need after getting closer to your goals.

4. Make yourself accountable –  “NO excuses.!”

Sometimes, even with the right goal, we get sidetracked. This is where accountability steps in to bring you back. There are so many ways you can make sure you are accountable for your goal. Do it with a friend, so they can hold you accountable for your own goals. Do a weekly/daily journal on your phone by taking a weekly photo or write a small log on your phone’s notepad (or if you prefer an actual notepad). You can print your goal and tasks and tape them on your mirror so it’s always there as a motivating reminder.

Say no to excuses the very moment you start convincing yourself against achieving your goals. If you missed a workout, find a way to make up for it. The more you stick to something, the easier it gets. Excuses can become a habit too.

5. Set in your calendar time to reflect back.

Last but not the least, the most important activity is to mark dates on your calendar to remind yourself to look back at photos, or your daily/weekly log about your progress so far. The biggest reward is to see yourself climb the ladder of progress consistently. This will in turn motivate you to keep going! It’s exciting and healthy to look back at your achievements.  PAT YOUR BACK, appreciate yourself, and feel proud of your progress so far, no matter how small or big. Look back and RETROSPECT!

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