As we are heading back into another lockdown, here is a reminder of why supporting local businesses is so important and how you can help.

Supporting local businesses is more important now, more than ever. Supporting local businesses supports your neighbors, and small businesses that are just scraping by during this time of limited services, limited hours, or frankly a shut down. These local businesses provide employment, innovation, big company competition and support for their surrounding communities, neighbourhoods, and economy. These are the businesses that truly care about you and your opinions and liking because they remember their customers and remember your name.

Here is how you can start or continue supporting local:

  1. Choose quality and community over convenience. If you need something that you know you can buy at a big box store, try searching for it first in your local store. Sounds pretty common sense but often times, we choose ease and convenience over supporting those local businesses.
  2. Not all convenience is lost, try searching online for your local stores. Since a lot of storefronts are limited or closed, more local businesses have opened online programs and online shops. You may have been noticing more virtual gym sessions and local online grocers.
  3. Buy gift cards that can be used later. You may not be dining in or going window shopping much, but you can still support your favorite boutiques, services, and restaurants by purchasing their gift cards.
  4. Some stores have not moved online yet but they still provide curb pickups or delivery options. Check with the company’s website, social media, or simply give them a call to figure out how you can continue to purchase their products safely.
  5. If they are a service provider, often times they still sell a few goods. For example, if you aren’t able to go to your hairdresser, you may still be able to buy your shampoo and other hair care products from them.
  6. Social and digital assets are more powerful than ever. Share your local restaurant’s take out menu on your social, or simply share about how you are helping local businesses. This will definitely support local businesses by spreading knowledge and awareness!

You may have already been doing these few things for a few months now, but it’s always good to have a reminder. It’s so easy to forget about the small local businesses when the big box stores sometimes seem easier to get everything in one place or at a click of a button.

We want to thank everyone for supporting us through this time by buying our products online here or at your local health food stores. We appreciate you all tagging us on Instagram and Facebook and spreading the word about us. THANK YOU! You aren’t only supporting us by purchasing PROFI products online but you are also supporting Canadian charities through our #PROFIcares program. For every jug sold on our website from November 1 to December 31st, 2020, $3 per jug is donated to Make A Wish Canada to help provide positivity in a child’s journey with a critical illness.

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