It’s Earth Week! ??

People are directing extra time and effort on taking care of the Earth this week, but we want to remind you that Earth Day should be every day. We must continually take care of ourselves and our surroundings if we want to promote good health for us, our community, and the planet.

In order to take care of the planet, we must first take care of ourselves! So in honour of our LOVE THE EARTH, LOVE YOURSELF campaign, we’re sharing 6 amazing self-care stretches that you can do every morning, lunch, or evening to stay healthy and happy.

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So without further ado, we present…



Take care of yourself! Try these 6 stretches first thing In the morning, before bed, or anytime you need a quick break from the world. Hold 30 sec each on each side. Repeat as many times as you like!

Side Body Stretch (side body)

Inhale as you reach one arm up and overhead. Breathe into your ribcage, elongating the side body. Repeat on the other side

Lizard Pose (hip flexors)

Start from tabletop position. Step right foot outside of right hand. Allow the weight of your hips to drop down towards the ground just enough to feel the stretch through the front of your hip or thigh

Seated Forward Fold (hamstrings, low back)

From seated with legs extended in front of you, let your upper body fold over your legs. Your back can stay straight, or if it feels ok, round as you fold. 

Reclined Figure 4 (hips, gluten)

Start on your back with knees bent. Cross right ankle over the left knee. Interlace your hands behind the left thigh and gently pull the legs closer to your chest to feel the stretch in the outer right hip. 

Supported Fish Pose (chest, front body)

Place a yoga bolster or pillow behind you. Slowly, lie down on your back making sure you feel supported. Open your arms to feel a stretch in your chest. 

Deep Breaths

Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart. Take a deep breath in through your nose, and exhale through your nose. Breathe in gratitude and love for yourself for taking this time just for you.