amino acids

We believe that a protein booster should provide your body with a complete protein.  A complete protein has all nine essential amino acids that are necessary in every healthy human diet.

Essential amino acids are the basic building blocks the body needs and they must come from food or drink because the body is unable to produce them naturally.  Growth, renewal and maintenance are among some of the biological functions that amino acids contribute to. We continue to learn about these important nutrients and how they contribute to human health.

The Nine Essential Amino Acids

Histidine – Maintains healthy tissues, including neural pathways.  Necessary for immune system response.

Tryptophan – Used to produce serotonin (which is thought to assist sleep and mood).  Maintains nitrogen balance in adults.

Phenylalanine – A building block for dopamine, a neurotransmitter used by the brain for regulating mood, energy and movement.

Isoleucine – Assists the body’s processes in using glucose (a basic form of energy)

Threonine – Assists in controlling muscle movements

Valine – Assists in maintaining muscles and proper neurological function

Methionine – Important in blood vessel growth and regeneration

Lysine – Assists in breaking down cholesterol and producing collagen

Leucine – Important for muscle-building and metabolism

We choose to create plant-based products with only complete proteins.  We are proud to provide our customers & the world with the right blend of nature’s basic protein building blocks so they can be at their best no matter what challenges they take on. Interested in learning more about our protein products? Check out our product page for the ingredient breakdowns & other key information relating to our products.

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