The first month of the year, 2021 just whizzed by. A lot of us have started our journey to achieve our goals, but some of us may have given up mid way. Energy levels may have dwindled, responsibilities may have piled up, the commotion around may have caused us to lose focus. Internal as well as external factors are to blame!

Ever wondered why we lose motivation to exercise? Why working out is procrastinated? Why we give up on our goals midway? Well….,there could be a lot of answers to these questions, but losing out on the fun element in any activity is definitely the most common one. Breaking the monotony of any activity takes a little bit of effort and planning. Of course, with advancements in technology, both effort and planning can also be simplified.

“We got to be stronger than our excuses!”

Fear not ! We have listed out some “not so common”, cardio exercises to give you the much needed break from your treadmills. These are sure to get your heart rate up and bring in more oxygen to your muscles to push your body to release those endorphins.

Cardio helps manage weight, alleviate stress, uplifts your mood and keeps the dreaded heart diseases at bay. Try out these exercises listed below to make a difference to your lifestyle and feel the change within.


Childhood was fun with the simple things in life. A jump rope definitely may bring back some childhood memories. A simple, uncomplicated and easy to use and carry, jump rope can transform a boring day into a cheerful one. You don’t even need a gym to do this! This form of exercise can be done just about anywhere. Grab a jump rope today, put on your favourite playlist and squeeze in at least a 15 minute jump rope session in your daily routine.


So what, if you are not a professional dancer or have two left feet, all you got to do is move and sway to the music. Find the perfect rhythm to get your heart and mind racing. If you do have a passion for dancing and haven’t had the time, make time for it! Try some online dancing classes, join some dancing communities or start one yourself. Learn some fun moves from your favourite songs and share your joy of dancing with your loved ones.


You may or may not be a fan of Rocky Balboa, but 20minutes of boxing can help burn at least 300calories. Never tried your punches before? Fret not! Invest in a punching bag or make one at home as a DIY activity or simply get a strike bag. Take a beginners class online to learn the basics of boxing and leg work and start training! Boxing (meant for exercise only) can be a great way to release pent up energy in grown ups and young children too!


Nothing can be more fun! Firstly, this should be done on a trampoline meant for grownups! You don’t want to upset the little ones by tearing apart one of theirs. Trampoline-ing can be a great form of exercise. You could experiment with different jumping jack like movements on it, to exercise different muscles of the body. Get yourself a compact trampoline if space is a constraint.


You may chuckle after reading this option, but it ain’t easy! Hula-Hooping can be challenging to even learn. For those who already know how to Hula-Hoop, spend some time rotating your pelvis, establishing the perfect balance and trying out different permutations to make it more challenging. The beginners could invest in a correct size hoop to start with and then……… Practice…. Practice……Practice till you get Hooping! Hula-Hooping is a fun activity and young children would love to be a part of your cardio activity session.

Give these 5 cardio exercises a try and make a switch from the usual regime. You will surely love to use them as a form of gap exercises on busy work days!