Recipe by Julia

Hello there!
I’m Julia, and I CrossFit. I train 12 hours a week on top of my daytime job as an Athletic Therapist. It’s a busy & active life but I love it! Every morning, to keep up with my daily needs, I make sure I have a solid & delicious breakfast.
These protein pancakes are loaded with low glycemic carbohydrates to keep my energy up during treatments & protein to help my muscles recover from the day before. Throw some peanut butter on top with a drizzle of maple syrup et voila! A complete & filling breakfast!

1 Egg (or banana)
Splash of almond milk
1 Scoop PROFI Chocolate
1/4 Cup Oats

Simply mix all ingredients together until a batter forms. Place spoonfuls of batter onto a hot skillet & cook, flipping half way through.