We all know the feeling you get on the day that you decide that you’re going to start living healthier. You can’t wait to start eating right and when you hit the gym you do it with tons of energy & enthusiasm! Unfortunately, we also know the feeling you get the first time you skip your workout or eat that greasy burger. Once this happens, we get it into our minds that we have failed and there is no way that we could ever make up for that one moment of weakness. Andie Mitchell makes a great point in her article about Consistency over Perfection stating that “Even though I’ve lived this experience a million times, I’m wise enough now to know that demanding perfection from myself ends up killing me and my goals.”

It’s important to remember that we’re human and we make mistakes. If we have a day where we cheat & eat all those foods we’re not supposed to or miss a work out, we can pick ourselves up the next day and maintain a consistent schedule which will lead to results.

You can check out the full blog written by Andie here: http://www.andiemitchell.com/consistency-not-perfection-weight-loss-advice/