foam rolling

Foam rollers are an inexpensive, super-versatile piece of equipment that can help you with everything from working out the knots in your muscles to increasing flexibility. They are a key piece of equipment for any athlete or trainer because of  the vast amount of benefits they provide; ask any athlete and they will tell you that a foam roller plays a crucial role in their training. Foam rollers work by applying pressure to specific parts on your body which helps with the recovery of muscles. That’s not the only benefit though, check out the below list for all the benefits that come with foam rolling!


  1. Increases the flow of blood to the muscles, which improves oxygen levels during your workout
  2. Relieves muscle tension, which is actually the result of tight fascia (connective tissue) around the muscle
  3. Increases flexibility and range of motion/mobility, which helps to further build strength during weight training
  4. Reduces stress.
  5. Helps to prevent injury.


“I foam roll daily. Sometimes, twice a day–pre and post workout, as a warm up and cool down routine. Foam rolling helps me to warm up and release any tension around the trigger points before my workout, especially if I’m working on a particular muscle group and need a little extra “stretch” to expand my range of motion and mobility. Then, I roll post-workout to increase the blood flow to the muscles and help with my recovery process”. – Tania Amodio: Personal Trainer, Boxing and Lifestyle Coach www.bmifitness.ca/


Image courtesy of greatist.com

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