If you’re someone who leaves Christmas shopping to the very last minute, keep on reading! We found & put together 3 last minute gift ideas to complete your list, all from the comfort of your home!

1. Christmas Cookie Mix in a Jar

Everyone loves Christmas cookies so this is sure to be a hit, especially since they don’t have to do much to prepare them! This gift can easily be personalized by making different mixes depending on the persons preferences! You can also either use your own recipe, or you can check out websites like Crazy Little Projects for recipe inspiration AND cute free printables! Grab a mason jar & start creating!



2. Soothing Mint Sugar Scrub

Give the gift of soft skin this winter! Not only will this gift polish & moisturize their skin, but the peppermint will leave them feeling cool & relaxed! You can keep it simple like Love Grows Wild or make it a bit more festive! Try splitting your scrub mixture in half & add some red food colouring! When you go to package it in a jar, you can create a candy cane effect with the 2 different coloured scrubs!


3. Homemade Soap

This gift is a little trickier than the other 2 & may require more time & patience. but it will be totally worth it! Homemade soap is not only an awesome gift, but you will definitely wow your loved ones with your DIY skills! You can infuse your soaps with their (or your) favourite smells & make each one unique! Check out Simply Designing for an Oatmeal Cinnamon soap, perfect for the holidays!