We understand that in 2020, working out at home has become the new normal, but the reality is, it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated to workout on your own or to stay motivated to dedicate time to working out at home. It’s easy for the first week to get excited to workout in the comfort of your home, but we know how incredibly hard it is to not watch another hour of tv shows or needing to do another chore around the house. We’ve all been there…

Here are ways for you to stay motivated to keep your fitness level up:

  1. Block out time in your schedule and set reminders
    • Make a weekly schedule of when you will be working out. This doesn’t have to be the same time every day but blocking out time in your day/week, sets up a routine and gives you dedicated time to workout. This makes you more accountable because you have to actively choose to not workout when you have time blocked.
  2. Follow through and stick to your schedule
    • You made the time to make the schedule so stick to it. There should be no excuses to get yourself off the couch or to delay laundry for half an hour. Some days will be harder than others, you just need to acknowledge it and push through! YOU GOT THIS!
  3. Make a dedicated space.
    • Have fun with it! Decorate and clear up space in your room, basement, garage, even your backyard to make a workout space that’s fit for you. Make it your own, add a Himalayan salt lamp if that’s your vibe, it’s YOUR space. By having your own dedicated space, you will feel more in the zone, more focus, and generally more excited to work out in a space that’s just for you and a place with intent.
    • You might be thinking…my place isn’t that big. That is okay. You can still easily have a dedicated space by setting up a yoga mat with bands and weights in front of your tv. Yes, it’s a bit more work each time to set up but you can make it a dedicated space by lighting a candle or easily shifting some light furniture around for more space. It’s all about making a space with intent.
  4. Set up a virtual workout with your best friends.
    • What’s better than sharing an experience together. Especially during this pandemic, we all miss connecting with people. This allows for a way to virtually hang out together and helps you be accountable for your fitness progress. You don’t have to workout every time together, but maybe once a month, or even better, once a week, check-in on one another with their fitness goals. Keep tabs on one another and encourage each other and spread positive messages to help encourage each other to work out when you aren’t working out together. Send a quick video to check up on them when you’re working out. Experiences are best when shared with friends!
  5. Try a new workout each week.
    • Keep it exciting! Change it up and add more weight, add different moves into your workout. Push yourself in the amount of weight, the amount of time you can hold a position and the number of reps. Make a game of it with yourself and keep a journal of your progress. Each week might not seem like a lot of changes but over the course of time, you will see your improvement and that is definitely a motivator!
  6. Reward yourself!
    • No…we do not mean stuff yourself with chips and donuts afterward. But reward yourself with something healthy or something that you enjoy doing. YOU deserve that extra episode of your favourite tv show and yes, you deserve that second serving of smoothie! Often times, having that routine smoothie or shake at the end of the smoothie just finishes your workout perfectly. Something about refuelling your body and knowing it helps rebuilding your muscles is just so satisfying. YOU should definitely choose the great tasting, vegan PROFI protein powder to refuel your body and it sure is a treat!

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