We all know the saying, “Summer bodies are made in the winter”!

One of the best thing you can for your own body while being at home is dedicating time to work out your body and keeping up with your cardio! Here, we have put together a list of essential and budget-friendly products you can get to help you fire up your metabolism at home.

An Exercise Mat

To get started, you will 100% need a mat. Yoga mats are created as they can be used for a large variety of intense workouts, stretching, and yoga. A yoga mat is great for absorbing your sweat when you are pushing hard and is a great way to prevent injuries by providing an antislip area. It also provides some cushioning between you and your floor so it’s a bit easier on your limbs, especially when you are doing planks!

Loop Resistance Bands

Loop resistance bands are a core piece of equipment for a home gym as it’s great for strength building, flexibility, and mobility training. They generally come in a set of 4 or 5 resistance levels, perfect for training different parts of the body and great for lightweight and heavier weight exercises. Loop resistance bands allow you to change the weight/tension by narrowing your grip and helps you get better control of the difficulty of the exercise.

Jump Rope

If you don’t like jogging on sidewalks or have space for a treadmill or bike at home, jump rope is a great way to get your heart rate up and work on your cardio. It’s fun and helps with your coordination as well.  It’s also lightweight and easy to switch to in between exercises because you don’t need to start up a machine or move to another location. Jump rope is also a ton of fun and great for adding in variation and dance steps!

Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Pull up bars aren’t just for doing chin-ups and pull up exercises. Doorway pull-up bars are great for not taking up floor space and you can hide it when you aren’t using it. All you need is a door frame and you are set, no need for nails and screws. Pull up bars are a great way to develop your upper strength and core. You can even have one on your bedroom door frame that every time you head to the kitchen, you have to do a pull-up. You can also use a pull-up bar with resistance bands to create the same exercise effects as gym cables and do arm workouts on it.


Kettlebells are used for overall body toning and training. Some kettlebells have adjustable weights on them that help save room and can be more easily tucked away. Kettlebells are versatile weights that are great for squats, arm, and shoulder workouts. It can even be combined with your cardio exercises to increase the difficulty. Before lifting weights, please ensure your posture and form is proper so you do not hurt yourself.

If you can’t find a kettlebell, try using a jug of laundry detergent!

Recovery Essentials

Before you jump right into working out, pre-workout stretching is so important for warming up your muscles and making your body more pliable for movement, and lowers your risk for injury. Stretching improves your flexibility for your joints to move the full range of motion. Stretching prepares your body for the impact the exercises are able to make on your body.

For better recovery of your muscles, it is also important to stretch out your muscles after your workout. It also allows for a cool-down period for your body to relax. Stretching promotes better circulation by increasing your blood supply to the muscles and joints. We all get post-workout aches and pains when we work out our muscles. By stretching out your muscles afterward, it helps reduce that recovery time by releasing muscle tension and stress. Here we put a shortlist of recovery essentials:

Foam Roller

There are textured foam rollers and smooth foam rollers, for beginners, start with the smooth rollers (they hurt less). Textured foam rollers create more intense pressure and good for pinpointing a specific area. Foam rolling is said to help relieve muscle soreness, tightness, inflammation, and helps improve joint range of motion. A foam roller helps put pressure and focus on the muscle you want to focus on relieving tension and to stretch out.


Staying hydrated is so important for muscle recovery. Drinking water helps with better blood circulation and prevents muscle breakdown. It helps prevent muscle breakdown by reducing muscle cell shrinkage and helps to improve muscle protein synthesis which is the natural process in which your protein produced to repair muscle damage caused by exercise which is how you create bigger muscles.

Protein Powder & Shaker

Protein is essential for muscle repair and muscle growth. Some believe in the anabolic window which is a window of time after a workout that believes your muscles soaks up protein more easily. Whether this is true or not is still up for research debate but the daily intake of protein is highly important for maintaining and building muscles. Try our protein powder today to help meet your protein needs to help recover and build muscle mass. PROFI protein powder contains all the 9 essential amino acids that you have to obtain from food as the human body does not create them naturally. For a quick easy solution to gain muscle without the added sugar and other ingredients, try it with our shaker cup and just add milk or water!

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