Blog by Tania Amodio:

Throughout most of my adult life, I was never a pill popper. I attributed this behavior to the fact that I was fairly lazy. I also couldn’t really feel the effects, and therefore couldn’t really understand the benefits of taking vitamins and/or supplements.

Until recently!

I began serious weight training 2 years ago when I decided to build towards a body building competition. It seemed absurd, at the time. A 45 year old woman, with no job, began going to the gym, 6 days a week. I was required, by my personal trainer, to take vitamins. Vitamin C, D, and a B-complex (which included all the essential B vitamins, in one) were taken in the morning while supplements such as ZMA, L-Glutamine, and melatonin, were taken at night. Melatonin wasn’t really required but a low-carb diet prevented me from adequate sleep and therefore, adequate recovery and cell regeneration couldn’t be properly achieved without the added supplementations.

Fast forward to a year later, I continued to take supplements and vitamins, long after the competition ended. Workouts and an intense fitness regime became integrated and steadfast into my lifestyle. For some reason, I decided to “give my body a break” from supplements and vitamins, believing that maaaybe, it’s just all in my head, like a “placebo” effect. I also believed that my body had developed a tolerance. So, going “back to basics” was my new goal!

I began my two-week cleanse. No vitamins. No supplements. Just workouts and water. Lots of water.

Only one week into my so-called detox, I felt very low energy, despite having eaten foods that were intended to supply these vitamins, naturally. In addition, my workouts suffered tremendously, not just in frequency, but in the intensity. The reason for the low energy and subsequent muscle aches and pains was due to the fact that my body did not have enough time to recover, between workouts. Pre-detox, my body would take about … [click to read the rest of the article]

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