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I am currently a holistic nutrition student living in Ottawa, Ontario. I am a certified sports and therapeutic massage therapist as well as a certified yoga teacher, earning my YTT 200 in Thailand. I am a bodybuilder, placing 1st and 2nd in my first show and currently training for pro qualifiers. I will soon also be taking my personal training certification. Fitness and nutrition became important to me when I was younger, first with modeling, as well as when the spine issues that run in my family started to affect me. Seeing so many struggle with their health, I came to understand people could be taught to take care of their health or issues that could be avoided altogether by being proactive about ones health. I now aim to educate and help people help themselves. I truly believe health is wealth and learning how our bodies work and what we need is the key to living our lives to the fullest. I want to show people how!

I became vegan because I came to understand how unnecessary animal products are for our health and that morally I could no longer be apart of their exploitation. My aim, through bodybuilding and generally living by example, is to help people see how you can thrive on a vegan diet, and that when you start to listen and care about your body you find a wholeness that extends to all life.



“As a bodybuilder I need a plant-based protein powder that packs alot of protein, is low cal, and has a full amino acid profile to boot. Profi not only accomplishes that but it also tastes amazing-& has enough flavors that you never have to stick with just one favorite-youll love them all! With free shipping and being a Canadian family-based company, whats not to love?”




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