Tania Amodio


Tania is a certified personal trainer, a certified Pre & Post Natal fitness instructor, as well as an NCCP Women’s Boxing Coach & Lifestyle Transformation coach! At the age of 45 she decided that she needed a change in her life and started to train for her first fitness competition where she placed 3rd & 5th! Since then Tania has been driven by her passion for fitness & health & she has never looked back! As she says “the power of change comes from within. So, I created a life around my new found love of fitness”. Tania’s goal is to inspire & motivate others to help them see their own potential. She also wants to help empower victims of violence towards a healthy, new lifestyle of limitless possibilities.

Tania is also the owner & operator of BMI Fitness based in Toronto, ON. She took her own love of fitness and manifested it into a business that will help others reach their goals!

 @bmi_fitness    bmifitness.ca


“During my first fitness competition, I experimented with many different vegan proteins but found PROFI to be the best choice as it offers all the essential amino acids without disturbing my digestive system. The flavour is rich & smooth so it blends well for all of my post workout shakes.” – Tania


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