Hiking is an inexpensive activity that can be done pretty much anywhere as there is always a place to adventure nearby. Not only is hiking a great overall body work out but it can also be very meditating especially when breathing in all that fresh air.

From someone  who has hiked virtually every weekend over the past two years in all kinds of weather, here are some of the best tips to get you started hiking whether it is for two hours or a full day. Who knows, you may become so addicted to it that you might start doing it every weekend throughout the year too!

  1. Make sure to have a good pair of shoes and check to ensure the heels are not unevenly worn down. This will help you to avoid slipping and hurting yourself and keeps the weight of your body evenly distributed to avoid stress.
  2. Bring 2L of water for a day hike. Any less and you run the risk of running short.
  3. Bring light snacks that are high in protein such as a protein bar or even better, make your own protein snack with PROFI Protein Booster.
  4. Don’t forget to bring an extra set of clothing (ie. shirt and socks). Extra socks are very important as you might step in water and your feet might get wet.
  5. Include either a pair of shorts or pants (ie. opposite to what you are wearing at the time you are hiking) to accommodate temperature changes.
  6. Always bring sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and bug spray, especially in the spring and early summer.
  7. If planning to go on a 2-hour hike or longer, it is a good idea to bring a rain jacket.
  8. Fully charge your cell phone the night before you head out on the hike. Cell phones are ideal for downloading, where available, any trail apps covering your hike area.
  9. Bring a map and a compass as back-up for your trail map in case your phone dies or you lose service.
  10. Pack a light lunch that is high in protein.
  11. Walking sticks are light enough to clip onto your nap sack & are ideal for saving your knees. This is important when going down hills to give you more strength and balance while walking.
  12. Drive, park and lock your bicycle where you plan to end your hike, somewhere near the side of the road, preferably hidden in the woods. Then, once you finish your hike, all you need to do is hop back on your bike and ride back on the road to your car making your return trip much faster.
  13. Do you need hiking boots? If walking on rocky terrain such as the West Coast trail, BC or the Bruce Peninsula section of the Bruce Trail, Ontario, it is a good idea as it provides additional ankle support.
  14. If wearing hiking boots for the first time, always make sure to break them in before attempting to go out even for a two hour hike.
  15. Include a warm sweater in the car just in case you need it when you return from the hike.
  16. Bring your camera! You never know what you will see when out in the wild!

We hope these tips are helpful! Do you have some more to add? Feel free to leave them below in the comments! 🙂

Enjoy your hiking trip!

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