Transformation is not just the concept of changing a single element in our lives. To really transform something that no longer serves you, you have to focus on changing thatone “thing”, but also at connecting and changing all the other elements in your life that are connected to that behavior.

For example, you may decide that for environmental, ethical or health reasons that you no longer want to consume chicken. It is not just the act of not eating chicken you are changing. You have to consider that social interactions will change, since we live in a culture where eating is not only to nourish our body, but also seen as a social engagement. We also live in a culture where eating is not only for fuel but also to enjoy and to taste good. So you would have to plan on what and how you want to go to social engagements that relate to food. You want to give some deep thoughts to your actions and your reactions. You also need to learn to make the food (that isn’t chicken) taste as yummy as chicken-meals.

In essence, the key to transformation is three-fold:

1. Plan for all the elements that surround the change by giving some thoughts to how you want to act, and react in circumstances related to that change. (E.g. Social engagements)

2. Remember that it is NORMAL to have to go through this process. When you picked up chicken for the first time, you may not have liked it the first few times you tried it. Years of food preparation tests went into making your yummiest recipes, regardless of the ingredients. The same needs to happen if you try new to you recipes.

3. There is no timeframe for the achievement of the lifestyle you want. Time is passing either way. Some transformation take years for some, and months for others. Some transformations are overnight. They are not timed. It’s better to do it right then to rush through it. Taking the time you need to give some conscious thoughts to your actions and reactions will ensure the change becomes part of who are. And most of the time, the calling for a transition is your soul trying to become who it actually always was.

High level tips for transformation:

• Identify the habit you want to change.
• Think of all the times where that “habit” appears in your life (ie meal time, evening, morning, etc.).
• Think of all the outside factors that can impact your change in habit
• Hire any professionals required to keep you accountable to your progress as needed (ie personal trainer, nutritional expert, life coach, etc)