This recipe can also be adapted for a vegan friendly option!

2 Cups Sliced Strawberries, Frozen
3 Old Fashioned Donuts (aka, plain donuts!)
1 Tub Vanilla Ice Cream (or ice cream equivalent!)

1. Microwave strawberries until their soft and slightly bubbling.
2. Cut donuts into bite-sized chunks.
3. In two small mason jars, start layering the strawberries, ice cream and donut chunks.
4. Top with a dollop of ice cream and serve immediately!

Note: you can also freeze these if you’re ok with the donuts getting a little mushy when you thaw the dessert. Still, it totally works better than cake because donuts tend to be tougher and more dry anyway.

Recipe courtesy of The Happy Lifter (we suggest you check her out!)
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