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Cookies & Cream Protein


PROFI Cookies & Cream provides a convenient and delicious way to boost your protein throughout the day. On its own or mixed in your favourite recipe, delicious every time!

Ingredients: High protein composite (fermented pea protein, brown rice protein, natural flavour, chickpea powder, lentil protein, high oleic sunflower oil), Natural flavour, Guar gum, High oleic sunflower oil, Salt, Potassium chloride, Cocoa powder, Stevia leaf extract

Contains 25 Servings

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Fuel your day with PROFI Cookies & Cream protein powder!

20g of protein per serving

  • Multisource plant-based protein blend of pea protein, whole grain brown rice protein, lentil protein & chickpea powder

9 Essential Amino Acids per serving

120 Calories per serving

100% Vegan


Soy, Dairy & Gluten free

Halal & Kosher Certified

25 Scoops per container

Ingredients: High protein composite (fermented pea protein, brown rice protein, natural flavour, chickpea powder, lentil protein, high oleic sunflower oil), Natural flavour, Guar gum, High oleic sunflower oil, Salt, Potassium chloride, Cocoa powder, Stevia leaf extract

12 reviews for Cookies & Cream Protein

  1. Asma (verified owner)

    This is a great flavour although it is on the sweet side. I would highly recommend for morning smoothies, baked goods, or mixed in with oatmeal. It really makes me feel full until lunch when I start my day off with this. Keep up the great work Profi!

    • PROFI

      Thanks so much! We are so glad to hear you’re enjoying it & we will leave a note for R&D about the sweetness 🙂

  2. Avi Katz (verified owner)

    I love the chocolate flavour and so decided to try a couple others. Unfortunately this flavour tastes artificial to me. I occasionally mix it with the chocolate just to try to get through it. Not sure that’ll happen and I may just end up throwing it out. I will not be reordering.

    Feel free to not post this review. My intention is really not to hurt your business. But being honest, this flavour really sucks. The caramel coffee flavour isn’t horrible but I won’t be recording that one either. So far the chocolate one is the only good one for me. Luckily I do love that one. Maybe try making a vanilla flavour?

    • PROFI

      Hi Avi,
      Thank you so much for your honesty! We’re sorry to hear that you aren’t enjoying the new flavours, but we are thrilled to hear that you enjoy the Chocolate. We actually do have a Vanilla flavour, you can find it here: https://profiprohealth.com/product/vanilla-protein-powder/

  3. Holly (verified owner)

    Taste ok. Worked better in a smoothie then just water. I would prefer the Vanilla!

  4. Mark Monachino (verified owner)

    Such a unique flavour for a vegan protein powder and Profi has totally nailed it. Awesome brand.

  5. Mikaella (verified owner)

    As other reviewers mentionned this flavor is okay but nothing outstanding; unfortunately, as the chocolate, vanilla and original flavors are quite good.

    Very sweet, slightly artificial, doesn’t really taste like what it advertises. Okay with almond milk but too sweet with just water- I usually add chocolate syrup to get rid of the artificial aftertaste.

  6. Jessica (verified owner)

    Tastes good! The flavour is a bit sweet but I add it when making protein muffins and adds flavour and sweetness without adding more sugar to the batter.

  7. Jennifer (verified owner)

    This is by far the best tasting protein my family has tried! We use it in our shakes, pancakes, cakes, and overnight oats. It the perfect amount of sweetness! Truly awesome!

  8. Christopher Collier (verified owner)

    I have bought many vegan protein powders, including some only available in the USA, because I wanted something I could have everyday (in oats and/or protein shake). I was also new to veganism, so I was accustomed to whey. Profi’s cookies and cream hands down beat the other vegan powders.

    First, it tastes great. Many vegan protein powders have an “earthy” taste, some compare to dirt. I found Profi managed to avoid that taste, and deliver something that actually tastes like cookies and cream. I can mix it with almond, soy or oat milk and oats and it be a 3 ingredient bowl of oats. That’s what I eat for breakfast 90% of the time. Other brands required extra cocoa or cinnamon or something else to basically mask the flavour. Profi doesn’t require anything more.

    Second, the consistency is very mixable. I found other vegan protein powders not only tasted earthy, but kept a dirt like consistency when mixed. I had to use a lot more liquid to get an oatmeal/shake feel. Others were very thick. With Profi I can add 175ml of liquids and 1/2 cup of oats and it is great. I was using more liquids for other brands to mix it adequately, and that can add up over time. Having an easy mixing powder is key. Definitely not a mud like consistency.

    Taste, texture and a good amount of protein make this powder the go to for me. I’ve tried larger, probably better known, brands, with higher protein content, but they seemingly sacrifice a lot of things, making it hard to drink/eat. Profi sacrifices nothing and put out a superior product.

  9. Mckenna

    I have tried a number of vegan proteins and never finished a container since I’ve never found one I loved. I love this protein and just finished my second container and I will continue to repurchase it.

  10. Jamie

    You guys nailed it on this one!! Great taste! I mix it in with my oats every morning now. Nice work! It’s an amazing flavour!

  11. Leanne Casavant

    Doesn’t taste like cookies or cream and certainly doesn’t taste like Oreos either. It doesn’t taste bad but I can taste and feel the pea protein and its way too sweet. I previously tried the chocolate but it was the same issue for me – too sweet, too gritty and not a real chocolate flavour. I’m hoping that the chocolate peppermint will be a little better. I have yet to find a vegan protein that is good enough for me to repurchase.

  12. Danika Forward

    I had high hopes as was specifically looking for a Cookies & Cream vegan protein powder but I just really can’t tolerate this. The taste is overpoweringly sweet, I think due to way to much Stevia. And I have a sweet tooth. To which, I’d like to know how much Stevia is in a scoop but I’m not seeing that info. In order to tolerate I have to use a much smaller portion, and therefore am not getting much protein. Just dial back the artificial sweetness and you have an A+ product!

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