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At PROFI, we are driven by innovation & passion for challenge & we are always looking for leaders who emulate that spectacular spirit. If you are passionate about helping others change their life; if you are driven by ambition to succeed – then we are looking for you!

Benefits of becoming a PROFI Pro:

Exposure – Where there is health & fitness, there is PROFI! Throughout the year, PROFI participates in many events, runs & shows where you can appear as a guest speaker or spokesperson to promote your business while promoting PROFI.

Unlimited earning potential – With our lucrative tiered-commission system, you have the flexibility to earn as much as you want! There are no gimmicks, hassles or hidden fees. There is no need to buy or keep an inventory of our product. It’s simple & your revenue potential is up to you!

Sponsorship – Are you a Pro athlete in the making? We always try our best to support budding stars with protein products to fuel their bodies & propel them towards their goal. We can also provide product samples for events, runs, competitions, etc.

Prerequisites of a PROFI Pro:

Knowledge – All Pros should have in-depth knowledge & accreditation with their own industry. We are looking for professionals who can educate & help others reach their fitness & lifestyle goals. Personal trainers, dieticians, nutritionists, lifestyle coaches & bloggers – if you love to live health & happy – we are looking for you!

Personable & Engaging – You must love to help & inspire others! At PROFI, we are working hard to build a community of strong bodies. Strong in mind, body & soul. We lift each other up & support each other to become the best version of ourselves.

Confident & Happy – As an individual, you love life! Your attitude & persona exude kindness & hospitability. You are confident in your abilities & take pride in being able to help others reach their goals in fitness, health & life.

If you are all of this & more, please apply to join our PROFI Pro community. We would love to hear from you!


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