Rachel Bies

As a single working mom, Rachel loves having a quick option for those busy days!! Also as a nutritionist and private chef, it’s important that I instill balance and nutrition into my life and those of my clients! Bowie (1.5 years) keeps me on my toes and my favourite midday snack and energy boost is mixing the vanilla with some frozen berries and making a nice cooling smoothie!  
"Also one of Rachel’s major goals is to support local companies! “ THATS one of the reasons why I love PROFI - the opportunity to rep and support a canadian company! IT gives me a delicious option to shake with water OR add to my favourite smoothie combos. ALSO being the mom of a very picky toddler - he actually loves their vanilla blended with fresh berries or bananas!! Then I least I know he’s getting the good stuff bright and early! Also throwing it into some muffins or pancakes to give them an extra NUTRITIOUS BOOST is my fav hack!
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