There’s no doubt that high impact exercises such as running, dancing or playing sports are good for you and your health, but alongside all of the benefits, there comes some downfalls. Those who train or engage in high impact exercise on a daily basis tend to be more prone to developing overuse injuries & joint pain. It’s important to add some low impact exercises into your routine because they are easier on your body & they get your heart-pumping without having to worry about injuries. The Greatist.com has compiled a list of 21 low impact exercises you can do that will get you moving & sweating all while not being hard on your body. We’ve provided 5 below, to check out all 21 exercises as well as some scientific research that backs up these exercises, visit http://bit.ly/2naArwB

1. Walking

Walking is a stress-free way to get moving. If taking a leisurely stroll is too easy, there are plenty of ways to add intensity: Hit the hills or add weights (try dumbbells or ankle weights) to really get that heart rate up. 

2. Elliptical

Sorry, treadmills. Ellipticals take the cake when it comes to putting less stress on your legs. Try spicing up your routine on the elliptical with a 20-minute interval workout.

3. StairMaster

Feel winded every time you go up a set of stairs? It’s time to get acquinated with the StairMaster. No gym nearby? No problem. Any old stairs will work—just follow this workout.

4. Strength training

We already have a list of 19 reasons to strength train, and here’s one more: Most strength training exercises are low impact, and they still work up a sweat.   (Keep in mind monster box jumps wearing a weighted vest don’t exactly qualify.) 

5. Cycling

We’ve loved biking ever since we finally took off our training wheels. It just so happens to be a great way to fit in some exercise without putting a strain on your joints. And you don’t even need to sign up for an indoor cycling class to see results. Try this 30-minute at-home cycling workout.