SUMMER FUN is here even if the weeks seem long and unending with the lockdowns being extended! The heat is up and so is the Fun Quotient. Do not let the lockdown bog you down this long weekend. Whether you’re trying to entertain the whole family, including energetic kiddies, or trying to just keep yourself busy and enjoy the sun, our list of things to do is guaranteed to provide a weekend full of fun! These outdoor activities are tried, tested, and Liana approved.


  1. BLOW THE DANDELIONS AWAY! – Have a competition of who can blow the greatest number of dandelions. It doesn’t matter who wins – as long as you’re both running around and giggling to race to the next dandelion!
  2. FINGER PAINTING FUN – Buy some colorful paint for the fence in the backyard and get your hands dirty. Splash some beautiful colors on the fence and bring out your inner Picasso. If the fence is not an option, try using an old bedspread or a large canvas.
  3. GO FOR A BIKE RIDE – You will surely not regret this! Get the safety gear on and go on a bike ride. Carry a picnic basket along to munch on some fun goodies. The benefits of riding amidst nature and getting some fresh air are like no other.
  4. TENT PARTY – Have a private picnic at a secluded spot or in your backyard! Doesn’t matter if it’s a party for one or a party with the little ones. Set up a cute tent with a nice platter – be it breakfast or dinner. Bonus points if you add some pretty lights and go stargazing night in the same tent.
  5. BACKYARD POOL SHENANIGANS – Enjoy the Sun and the cool water with a pool in the backyard. Make some lemonade and fruit kebabs to get your dose of Vitamin D and C – but don’t forget the sunscreen!
  6. DANCEATHON – Groove out to upbeat music and have a Danceathon. This will surely get your weekend rocking with great vibes and much-needed sunshine. A great way to get your cardio in!
  7. TRAMPOLINING – Another way to get your cardio in… Get a compact trampoline and jump away the COVID blues! If jumping with kids, they will surely have some trampoline trick down their sleeves to challenge you.
  8. WATER WARFARE – Grab some water guns and water balloons to have a battle in the backyard! A great activity to cool you off in the warmer weather.
  9. DIY SUMMER BASKETS – Looking to get your hands dirty? Chances are if you have kids, they’re already playing in the mud while you read this (oops)! Make the most of this! Grab a bag of soil and a coir roll to get your summer baskets ready. Sowing seeds, watering them, and watching them grow will surely teach kids (and yourself!) that patience bears fruit… Well flowers in this case. ?
  10. EXPERIMENTING WITH SLIME – Slime is a fun activity for all ages. Adults need to let loose too! Slime can be made at home with basic ingredients. This may get messy but is a sure-shot way to have some ewwwyyy-gooeeey fun! Add some older eyeshadow in the concoction to get add a nice colour.
  11. TEA PARTY – Who else misses getting dressed up? No need for an occasion! Put on a nice summer outfit, bake delicious cookies, and set up a table outside! Ask family and friends to join you via Zoom call (just make sure the WIFI extendeds outside first).
  12. PAPER AIRPLANES AND ORIGAMI – If you have forgotten how to make paper airplanes or paper boats, refresh your paper-crafting skills. Send some planes flying through the house, or challenge your family to build beauitful cranes. With all the crashed planes and failed pieces in the end, make paper mache art!

Enjoy! ?