As a company that prides itself on providing consumers with products that are completely plant-based & vegan .. we know the importance of ensuring that you get all of the proper nutrients in your diet! According to an article published by The Globe and Mail, the top foods or supplements that should be included in your diet to help meet key nutrient needs are: Protein, vitamin B12, calcium, iron, iodine & omega 3’s.

In our PROFI products, we have a significant source of both protein & iron per serving. For our PROFI Protein Booster, 1 serving (26g) provides 20g of protein & 30% of your daily iron intake while in our PROFI Chocolate, 1 serving (32g) provides 20g of protein & 45% of your daily iron making these products an ideal addition to any plant-based/vegan lifestyle! In terms of the other supplements listed by The Globe and Mail, calcium is also in our product but it is a very small percent (2% of your daily intake).

Check out the full article to learn more about each of these key supplements & how they can help maintain your health on a plant-based diet!