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It’s no secret that Instagram has become the go-to spot for food inspiration. Whether you’re trying to decide on your next meal or you’re just day dreaming about your next meal, Instagram is the hub for all things delicious! There are thousands of accounts dedicated to only posting drool-worthy food pics that range from juicy burgers to beautifully decorated acai bowls! With plant-based diets become more popular, vegans have taken Instagram by storm! We’ve taken the liberty of finding the 5 best (!) vegan Instagram food/recipe accounts for you to obsess over!

1. @bestofvegan

Ranging from Buddha bowls to burgers to donuts, this account is the definition of drool-worthy.


2. @nomyourself

Vegan food has never looked so good! And yes friends, that IS vegan fried chicken! YUM!



Combine professional photographer & delicious food and the result is magical!


4. @sobeautifullyreal

This may be the prettiest & most colourful food feed you will ever see on Instagram. She also specializes in vegan cheesecake, so that makes it more awesome!


5. @deliciouslyella

Rejoice for all things beautiful, delicious & plant-based!!


Have a favourite account that we missed? Leave it in the comments so we can check it out & get some inspiration!

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