A gut instinct or a gut-feeling perfectly describes the importance of having a healthy gut. So, follow your gut and start making the healthy choices you need in this year by choosing PROFI protein!

Our intestine is lined with millions of neurons that talk to our brain and that is, what we call, “Gut instinct!”

This wonderful mechanism has evolved to send signals to the brain acting as a sensor that is tracking stress, anxiety, and fear.

Plant-based diets have been proved to be beneficial for human health. They promote the development of a more diverse and stable gut microbial system, showing significantly higher counts of certain “good bacteria” as compared to the omnivores. Research has also stated that the fibers present in plants complement the growth of these bacteria and reduce Clostridium and Enterococcus species… let’s call these the “bad bacteria”.

Fibre-rich plant elements called polyphenols also provide anti-pathogenic and anti-inflammatory effects and cardiovascular protection. Profi has definitely kept that in mind and created protein powder which comprised with fibre and essential proteins.

Health advantages of a plant-based diet have been amply researched and documented. It cannot be denied that healthy eating habits will eventually show its effect on your energy levels, on your skin, hair quality, and other everyday functioning abilities. So, why not incorporate some energy-boosting and gut refreshing Profi protein in your daily diet? Profi has developed some great flavours and recipes keeping in mind that building health does not mean compromising on taste!

Different strokes for different folks – eating attitudes vary! It is very easy to cross the thin line of resolving to eat healthy and obsessing over healthy eating. This unhealthy focus on eating healthy is called orthorexia. We at PROFI, make healthy eating very easy with our versatile plant-based protein supplements which can be easily incorporated into your daily routine in many delicious ways!

The gut and brain cannot stop talking, so if you want your new year’s resolutions to work out better than expected, start focussing on your gut health and check out our website for more information!

While we focus on keeping our gut happy, the distractors such as allergens should be kept at bay as well. Wouldn’t it be great if we could stay healthy and not worry about our allergies? Our immune system reacts to certain proteins in food as though they were harmful pathogens, such as bacteria, parasites, or viruses.

Improving gut health has been linked to getting fewer allergic symptoms, including allergy-related asthma. Increasing fiber intake may lead to a reduced occurrence of allergies and controlling asthma. The gut microbial ecosystem for adults with allergies is different as against those without these allergies.

It is possible to diagnose allergies and treat them with prescribed medication but having a healthy gut could be a way of preventing the risk of getting an allergy.