Sharon Giuliano


Sharon is a certified personal trainer with specialized studies and graduate degrees in Kinesiology, sports psychology and science. She has been working in the fitness industry for over 14 years! Sharon started working part-time helping people achieve their fitness goals and she fell in love with it, which led her to take it on as a full time commitment in the fitness industry. She specializes in all types of training from helping beginners start their journey to athletes achieving their fitness and health goals. Not only is Sharon a certified trainer with Canfit Pro, but she is also a certified nutritionist. Sharon’s mission is to inspire and motivate others to live a healthy lifestyle.  “I love what I do and definitely have a passion to stay in the fitness industry and to learn more as I go”.

Sharon is also the owner & operator of Push Start Fitness based in the GTA. She took her own love & dedication to fitness and is now sharing it with others to help them reach their full potential.


“I love PROFI protein products because they supply my body with the nutrients and the recovery I need after a workout. It helps me repair and rebuild muscle and gives me the energy I need. This vegan protein is easy to digest and it’s a gentle and clean product. I would recommend it to any one of my clients or anyone who is looking for a protein or nutritional supplement. I love both flavours but of course chocolate is my favourite!!!” – Sharon


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